2020 - New Decade

During our first quarter, I celebrated my 71th birthday and visited Canberra to attend our cousins Citizenship Cerimony.

As usual I had my visit to Brazil,but due to the COVID19 it was cut short to 15 days. We had to travel back to Australia via Dubai and stay in quarantine for 15 days on our arrival

The second quarter was marred by the COVID19 restriction to our movement and very little happened. As usual we made the birthday cakes for our adopted grandkids, the Baleiro Kids: Xavier, Vasco, Mia and Alice.

To keep us fit we continue doing our regular bike trips and walking. My skills with knitting, learnt from my mother on my visit to Brasil continue to provide me long periods relaxing and making scarves, ponchos for the girls in the family

The celebrations of ANZAC day were also affected by the restrictions and we travelled to Caloundra to visit our cousing Lea and Vanda.

In quarter 3 although the restrictions have eased we were only able to travel within the State of Queensland. We had a wonderful trip to Macay staying 5 days with our cousins. Another two short trips to Tin Can Bay and Maloolaba completed the external activity of the 3rd Quarter. Finally the Sheldon College, where Miguel and Daniela attend school, managed to overcome the COVID restrictions and held the annual Musical Show. This year the Wicked, the untold story of the Witches of Oz.

Life continued through Quarter 4 under the constant threat of COVID. However, the situation in Australia continues to improve significantly with most of the country without any infection cases. Although we are an island isolated from the rest of the World, the results show how disciplined the community is when following the instructions of government and health organisations. Only Victoria and New South Wales continue to be affected by the pandemic but nothing realy compared with the rest of the World. Whilst Europe and America are suffering thousands of deaths we had 90 for the entire country. The infections in Australia resulted from Australian citizens returning from overseas already infected.

In general, our activities were affected by the overall restrictions and the need to maintain the necessary caution due to the COVID.

As soon as travelling between States became available we flew to Tasmania to see our family which we had not seen since Xmas 2019.

Filomena had her 70th birthday with celebrations in Tasmania and Queensland. Also our adopted grandson Xavier celebrated his 6th birthday during Quarter 4.

Our grandson Miguel completed High School and the usual celebrations were affected by the restrictions due to COVID. Fortunately, we were allowed to the Graduation ceremony.

The Xmas celebrations this year took place in Brisbane instead of Tasmania because of Miguel’s 18th birthday. Rita started a new job and could not have holidays over Xmas and sadly our family from Tasmania was not able to attend Miguel’s birthday nor the Xmas celebrations.