2020 Quarter II

The restrictions due to the COVID19 have prevented any non-essential travel in the city, on a radius of 50 km. We could not even go to the Gold Coast. Fortunately the weather was great and our swiming pool had lots of use during the quarter.

Short bike rides (20 km maximum) and walks were the way we kept our fitness. Lots of businesses were closed or kept the operations just turning over. We had to improvised in many activities and I had to learn how to tint Filomena's hair as her hairdress was not open for business.

Our adopted grand kids, Xavier, Vasco, Mia and Alice's birthdays came up and as usually we made their cakes. It is always good fun.

At the end of the quarter the limits of the city were extended and we went for a short trip to Caloundra to visit our cousins Vanda and Leia.

The dawn cerimony of ANZAC Day, one of the most reveared date of the Australia and New Zealand history, could not be conducted as usual. Instead people commemorated from their backyards front gate. At the rising of the sun, Miguel played The Last Post and the Reveille on the trumpet and it was a very touching cerimony. All the neighbours gather at their front gates and comemorated with us. .

Miguel asked me to help doing some changes to the exhaust of his car to make it "go faster" and noisier. It was a full day of work but at the end worked has he planned.