2020 Quarter 1

During our first quarter, I celebrated my 71th birthday in Brisbane. We had a dinner with our friends Cameron's and Cagi's but our kids were away and could not attend.

We had a brief trip to Canberra to attend the Citizenship Cerimony of our cousins Helga, Helder and their kids.

As usual I had my visit to Brazil in March and this time Filomena came with me. The COVID19 was already making waves in China when we left Australia, but we did not take much notice of it.

Our Brasil visit was cut short due to the pandemic that hit the World and we only stayed 15 days with my mother in Curitiba. With Argentina and Chile closing their borders we were unable to return to Australia the way we planned and had to buy new tickets from São Paulo to Sydney via Dubai

On our arrival we had to go into quarantine at our house for two weeks and the rest of the quarter we had our movements restricted by the overall situation in the country.