2020 Quarter IV

In general, our activities were affected by the overall restrictions and the need to maintain the necessary caution due to the COVID. A photographic record of our activities can be seen clicking the menu above:

     1. Tasmania - As soon as travelling between States became available we flew to Tasmania to see our family which we had not seen since Xmas 2019.

     2. Brisbane - Filomena had her 70th birthday with celebrations in Tasmania and Queensland. Also our adopted grandson Xavier celebrated his 6th birthday during Quarter 4.

     Our grandson Miguel completed High School and the usual celebrations were affected by the restrictions due to COVID. Fortunately, we were allowed to the Graduation ceremony.

     The Xmas celebrations this year took place in Brisbane instead of Tasmania because of Miguel’s 18th birthday. Rita started a new job and could not have holidays over Xmas and sadly our family from Tasmania was not able to attend Miguel’s birthday nor the Xmas celebrations.

     One of our Xmas presents from our daughters, were tickets for the cricket at the GABA and we spent a wonderful evening with Miguel watching a great game

     We spent the New Year`s Eve with our compadres Lena and Cagi at our friends Margareth and John at the Santuary Point in the Gold Coast.

     3. Immigration Projects – Two lovely young ladies from schools in Tasmania wrote two essais about my live jouney to Australia. The work from Hannah Jager and my grand daughter Isabella Oakley have been copied unadultered here.