Xmas of 2006 was a familiar affair. The three families got together at Erica and Bruno’s house in Birkdale for the Xmas evening.

We had the usual pre-Xmas parties and in particular the Rio Tinto Gangsters party was a success. Our godson Fernando del Castillo was in Brisbane doing his working experience and he participated in a get together at our house. With his skills as a guitar players we end up with a sing-along section into the night.

We celebrated Miguel’s 4th birthday on Xmas Eve and enjoyed the usual Xmas dinner full of the traditional Portuguese dishes. Rabanadas, sonhos and Cod fish were some of them. An “obscene” amount of gifts piled around the Xmas tree and after dinner we all went through the routine of “pretending” to be surprised by presents we knew we had.

I got a GPS and a chemical toilet for my boat and could not wait until I had it installed on the boat. Miguel and Daniela could not stay awake for the arrival of Santa but left the biscuits and a glass of milk for him before they went to bed.

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