Our family lived in Lobito but my mother went to Silva Porto to have all her kids, because her family (the Leal family) lived there. I returned to Lobito in 1949 a few weeks old and lived there until I was 10 years old.

We lived in Compão one of the suburbs of Lobito and did my primary school in the local school. Later on my father was transferred to Silva Porto and we lived there for a year until he was again transferred to Nova Lisboa, now Huambo.

After I completed my military service in 1974 I returned to Lobito where we lived until we left Angola in 1979. Our eldest daughter was born in Lobito and it was there that we lived through the turmoil of the independence and the begining of the civil war. However we had a great time in Lobito and these photos show some passagens of our life there.

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