Well it's been a while since I did an update on the little princess so here we go......

Isabella is now 16 months old, my goodness the last few months have gone past so quickly if only the first 3 months went this quick. Our little girl is learning so much every day and just amazes Jamie and I with what she is learning.

If you had told us 12 months ago she was going to be so clever, strong, inquisitive and switched on we probably would have laughed at you. However, had you have told me how determined, stubborn and cranky at times I wouldn't have flinched! (the cranky is definitely not from her mother!)

Isabella is walking around everywhere and even attempts at running, doesn't do anything slowly this girl. She loves to talk, not that we understand much of what she says. She does say very clearly (and very often) MUM! DADDA! Ummmm! uh oooo, ta and a few others.

She loves to walk around the house with her trolley collecting things on the way. Loves to place all sorts of interesting things into the washing machine (front loaders make this easy), loves to play with her magnets on the fridge, loves to kiss dolly's, loves to draw and colour in and LOVES books.

Her favourite thing would have to be dancing, anything with the slightest hint of a beat gets her hips moving and her arms swaying. It is so funny to watch. She has a fascination with her new handbag her Aunty Erica bought her that contains lipstick, bangles, keys, money and a mirror (all play ones of course), and loves mobile phones.

Although she sheds tears when we drop her off at school 2 days a week, she has a good time once we leave.

She plays with lots of different toys, she paints, glues, does glitter artwork, playdough and lots of other things I dare not do at home with her!!! Loves singing and even dances to an 80's cd that features Cindi Lauper....She has all wrapped around her little finger. What she has learned developmentally in the 6 months has been amazing.

Sleeping isn't one of her strong points but we are slowly making some progress.

She is still tiny and last week weighed in at only 7.3kgs much to my disgust and disappointment....Yes I do feed her and yes she does eat very well but I just can't get her to put weight on. This is our next battle.

If there is a positive she still baths in a baby bath and wears 000's in singlets and tops. She has certainly got the most out of her clothing. She only just came out of her capsule 3 months ago so we could pass it on to our good friends, but was still fitting in there quite cosily.

So as you can see, she really is a little miracle. Who would have thought our tiny little baby born at only 800gms would come so far, we certainly didn't think so. She amazes us daily and we are just so grateful to have her in our lives. There isn't a day we don't think about how lucky we are