Q2 was the busiest of the quarters, this year.

On my return from my second visit to Mongolia this year we went to Brasil to attend untie Lulu's 90th birthday and spend some time with my parents

Since I still had an assignment to complete in Mongolia on my return, Filomena went to Portugal to spend holidays with her family while I was in Mongolia

We decided to go to Brasil via Dubai because it was the best way to go to Portugal on the return trip to Australia. Brasil via Dubai is a very long trip and we decided to break it and stayed 4 days in Dubay

After a short stay in São Paulo for untie Lulu's birthday I went to Pontal do Sul to spend some time with my parents. Filomena extended a little bit the time in São Paulo with her family and returned to Australia via Portugal

I returned to Australia after three weeks with my parents and headed to Mongolia for my last assignment there. When we, Filomena and I, met again in Australia at the end of May we were realy tired of living from a suitcase.

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