2017 started with me working in Mongolia. I did 4 visits to Mongolia and between de 3rd and 4th I had my annual visit to my parents in Brazil.

On our trip to Brazil we stopped in Dubai for 4 days for a good look around the place.

We spend one week in São Paulo to attend tia (untie) Lulu 90th birthday. Then I headed for Pontal do Sul to spend time with my parents and Filomena went to Portugal visiting her sister, relatives and friends.

Our friends Karin and Wei from China insisted that we visit them and we had an unforgettable 3 weeks visiting Beijing, Xian and Chengdu.

On our way back to Australia we stopped for 5 days in Macau to catch up with our friends and relive the memories of the time we live there.

Back in Australia we had to catch up with all the chores we neglected during the first half of the year gallivanting around the World.

We had a trip to Mackay in the North Queensland to see our cousins Lyn and Francisco, and did a short trip to Tasmania for Ava’s school concert.

Due to our rotating program for the Xmas season, we had Rita and family spending Xmas holidays with us and they lasted until my birthday in January 7th.

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The Pandas