We arrived in Brazil to start our round the world adventure landing in Guarulhos international airport in São Paulo. Our cousins Clara and Rosa whom we have not seen for some 20 years, were there waiting for us.

We got our rent a car, a Renaut Sandero, a model not seen in Australia in Guarulhos Airport. It was raining cats and dogs when we picked up the car from the car park. The Hertz driver dropped us in the middle of the car park and helped putting the suitcase and bags in the “mini boot” and told us to keep it covered so that the thieves could not see them… as if they could not see a bulging boot cover!!!

Rosa came with me to show the way to their house in the middle of Sao Paulo where we spent the first night. Imagine my struggle driving on the “wrong” side of the road, seemingly uncontrolled heavy traffic and trying to control the windscreen wipers and indicators placed on the wrong side of the steering wheel.

The adventure started with some trepidation but at the end all went well as you can see from the description that follow.

World Map