Our friends Helena and Enrique have been visiting us in Australia since the days we lived in Nowra, New South Wales.

I got to know Enrique in 2002 when I worked for Kembla Copper in Port Kembla. Enrique, a specialist in copper extrusion, was contracted to help us in the rod factory and when I discovered that he was also a Chilean national a friendship soon developed.

Enrique always took extra time from his working visits to travel in Australia on holidays and obviously brought his lovely wife Helena. Since then Enrique and Helena always stay a few days with us wherever we lived. They have been in Nowra and Brisbane and always inviting us to visit them in Germany.

Finally in 2013 we decided to stop in Germany and spend some time with our friends. We stayed in their lovely home in Emmerich am Rhein. They organised a series of trips around Emmerich with visits to Kevelear, Rees, Xanten in Germany and Doetinchem, Kleve and Nÿmegen in the Netherlands. With Europe been so small, compared with Australia, all the trips are very short and with them driving at very high speeds in a blink of an eye you are in a different country.

Unfortunately our stay in Germany was cut short with the news that Filu’s mother had passed away in Portugal.

Norway Map