During my working trips to Mongolia, sometimes I traveled through Beijing and my friends Karin and Wei tried to organise a get-together. Wei is a doctor in a private hospital in Beijing with a branch in Ulaanbaatar and suggested we would meet there. However, my stays in Ulaanbaatar were just stopovers to the mining site in Oyu Tolgoi.

We, Filomena and I, were very keen in visiting China to see the changes that have occurred since we lived in Macau and visited the south of China, province of Guangdong.

We discussed with our friends and decided to organise some holidays after my commitments with Mongolia finished.

Finally, we booked a three weeks holidays in China and Karin offered to organise the program for us.

She went through a lot of work and planned to a minuscule detail, one of the best holidays we have ever had.

The visit
The visit