The family

With Nanuxa and Ernesto in New York

The Grand Canyon

We landed in Los Angeles after 14 hours flying a bit shaken but excited. Our excitment soon abated when we were told that our flight to Las Vegas was 2 and a half hours late. Lucky we found another Aussie couple flying to Las Vegas and soon we were at "First Name" basis sharing a pizza and a beer and talking about home and how much better it was down there....ahahahhah!!!!

Thanks to the Internet our cousin George was aware of the troubles we were having with our plane. We arrived in Las Vegas at the end of the afternoon and were greeted by our cousin George at the airport.

We spend most of the time catching up with our cousins but we still had time to enjoy one night watching a show in one of the casinos e another day doing what Filomena likes the most: shopping.

We took a day to fly on an helicopter over the Grand Canyon and also visit the Red Rock, one of the attraction in Las Vegas outside of the casinos which did not appeal to us.

On Wednesday we flew to New York were our friends Nanuxa and Ernesto are awaiting for us. Again we spend most of the time catching up with them but had a day in New Yourk and visited the Ground Zero the monuments that remembers the World Trade Centre tragedy.