The gathering of the Leal family

The Angolan Gang

Mum and Dad

In New York we split. Filomena traveled to Portugal and I headed south to Brazil. The main objective of my trip to Brazil was to spend time with my parents, familiars and friends. I based myself in Pontal do Sul, Paraná and travelled by plane and car.

In the first weeks in Pontal do Sul we organised a meeting with the Leal Family in Matinhos, a city close by where my cousins leave, visited Antonina, Morretos and Cabaraquara.

I had a great weekend in Curitiba with my cousins Ana Carla, Luis and Isabel. They showed me some of the most beautiful spots of Curitiba a city world known for its outstanding urban management programs.

After catching up with my Parents and rest of the family I flew to São Paulo where I spend five days with our cousins Clara, Rosa, untie Lulu and the rest of the Filomena's family. Clara was tireless showing me the city and Campos de Jordão, a beautiful Swiss like city 200 km from São Paulo. On the Sunday I met my friends from Angola and spent a fantastic day reminiscing Angola, our "naughty" youth and sharing the experiences we went through since leaving Angola.

From Brasil I returned home via South Africa