Erica and Hugo in Lisboa

Hi welcome to Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. My name is Erica and I am Nhamalanda´s elder daughter. I was born in Lobito, Angola in 1975 and since the age of four have lived in many countries, with Australia being the place where I spent the most time while growing up.

However, for personal reasons I now find myself living in Lisbon. So let me tell you some things about this western European country.

Portugal shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain in Western Europe. It has a population of 10 millions over a total land area of 92,000 sq. km.

Torre de Belém - Lisboa

Monumento aos Descobrimentos - Lisboa

It is very rich in history and is largely famous for its Navigators, past colonies and Port wine.

A large part of the Costa family has lived in Portugal since around 1975 when they left Angola because of the civil war. At times it feels that every where you turn you end up meeting another long lost cousin. Most of the clan is concentrated in the areas of Santo André, Montijo and Lisbon.

I live in a suburb of Lisbon called Oeiras which lies on the banks of the river Tejo. Oeiras is about 15 kilometers from the city center. However what should be a quick trip to the city can at times be a long journey because of traffic.

The things I love about Portugal can be summed up in two words the CULTURE and FOOD!!!! The city of Lisbon is ripe with history and possesses a blend of cultures originating largely from its former colonies. Eating in Portugal is a real treat. These guys take their food very seriously which shows in the flavours and variety of foods.

Erica and Rita being attacked by pigeons in

Praça da Figueira - Lisboa

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos - Lisboa

This year Lisbon will receive world attention with the staging of Expo 98 the last world exhibition before the 21st century. The city has received a facelift for the opening in May.