The family waiting for Ava

Resting after birth

Kissing the sister

Ava Sofia Oakley is the latest and final addition to the Costa Clan born in Hobart, Tasmania at 8.27am on 7 June 2011. Her safe arrival 5 weeks early was welcomed with much joy and relief after the not so smooth arrival of her big sister some 4.5 years earlier.

At 25 weeks Rita started to once again show the signs of pre-eclampsia but under very close monitoring of up to 3 times a week, steroid injections, medications and bed rest for 10 weeks Miss Ava Sofia’s planned arrival at 35 weeks was a blessing.

Nanna and Pops, her wonderful grandparents made the trip South in the freezing Tasmanian winter for a month to not only be a part of the arrival but to lend assistance in the weeks before and the days after. It is fair to say that this little bundle was a much less stressful experience.

Born weighing a whopping 2310gms (5lb 1oz) and 43cms in length she seemed like somewhat of a giant for Rita and Jamie.

After 11 days in hospital and weighing 2186 gms, Ava came home to start her new life under the careful watch of her very proud big sister Isabella.