A full year under the ghost of COVID. Although in Australia and Queensland in particular, the number of cases was relatively low when compared with the rest of the World our activities were affected by the threat of the virus.

In the first quarter, we had two visits from Rita and her family but due to the restrictions placed by Tasmania on Brisbane, she had to spend all her time in Mooloolaba where they have a beach house

Bruno participated in a Triathlon in Rabe Bay and with the support from all the family he performed well.

We had a brief visit to Kingscliff in New South Wales to meet our friends Tony Purdy and his wife and did our usual bike rides and walks around here to keep fit.

Our granddaughter Isabella was awarded the Young Tasmania of the Year’s award and we flew to Hobart to attend the ceremony. Again the restrictions Tasmania placed on Brisbane visitors resulted in us being quarantined at home and therefore prevented us from attending the ceremony.

I celebrated my 71st birthday in Tasmania with a seafood chowder for dinner at our preferred restaurant, The Drunken Admiral.

Quarter II saw the normal activities around the place and the details can be seen in the section photos.

We sold our boat!!! For over a year we had not taken the boat out and it was a waste to have it in the backyard rotting away. With the restrictions on imports, the prices of secondhand goods are through the roof. I sold my boat after 17 years of use at a price higher than what I paid for.

Miguel took us on a 4WD trip to Bribie Island to show off his new car. We did a trip to Tasmania to spend some time with our family since the restrictions placed during their visit to Brisbane did not allow us to enjoy their company fully.

Quarter III was a somber quarter for us with my Mother passing away in Brasil. Due to the travel restrictions, we could not attend the funeral.

I spent long hours painting the exterior of our house, a task made easy because I do not need ladders for the majority of the work.

In Quarter IV we made another visit to Tasmania and Rita and her family finally came to Brisbane for the Xmas celebrations. I finished painting the house and participated in a 50 km bike ride organized by Downer to raise funds for the precision treatment for prostate cancer.

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