The Immigration of the Costa Family to Australia - by Hannah Jager

Hannah Jager is a 12 year old school girl attending year 6 at Mount Carmel College in Tasmania.

As part of a school project she had to write an essay about immigration in Australia and its impact on the Australian society.

The Jagers are friends of our family for a long time, especially with Rita and her family. We know each other almost since we arrive in Tasmania, because I had regular professional contacts with her father Eddie. They knew where we came from and Hannah thought I would be a good candidate for an interview

She presented me with a series of questions about my life, why did I choose Australia to emigrate and my journey from Angola to Australia. I shared with her my journey including it's chalenges and how we embraced our new life in Australia

Along with the responses to the question I attached some photographs to give a better idea of what I was describing

Based on my written answers, Hannah produced an essay that I present in the next series of pages.

What an wonderful project Hannah produced, closing with a spectacular timeline of the journey. Thank you Hannah for the nice work and I appreciate the comments you make about me.