2019 was a good year. The year passed by very fast with only a major issue during our visit to Portugal.

During our first quarter, I celebrated my 70th birthday during our regular Xmas visit to Tasmania with all my Australian family.

As usual I had my visit to Brazil, the first one since my mother had moved to a residence in Curitiba and the death of my father the year before.

We had a visit of our long time school friend Ana Maria and husband Kim and we showed her Tasmania and some of the usual sites around Brisbane.

During the second quarter we spent time in Tasmania to support Rita during her recovery from surgery and again I was involved with some work for Endeavour Foundation. Bruno competed in his first triathlon and our friends Valente’s and their MG visited us as part of their MG Club competitions.

In quarter 3 we had an unplanned visit to Portugal to attend a reunion of my old comrades in arms The Scorpions. We spend a busy months traveling in Portugal in what was going to be a good trip but at the end, our dearest brother in law passed away suddenly. We completed my assignment with Endeavour Foundation; a long but rewarding exercise.

Quarter 4 saw another brief visit to Tasmania and the usual Xmas celebration that this year were in Brisbane.

The Pandas