2016 was another good year but nothing out of the ordinary happened... but as we say, “no news is good news”.

The months just rolled out and before we knew, Christmas and the New Year were upon us. The main highlights of the year were:

•  We celebrated 44 years of marriage. We made it a very low key indeed.

•  Another event that became a routine: our annual visit to my parents in Brazil in March

•  As usual we had several trips to Tasmania to spend time with Rita and family

•  We had visits from our Tasmania friends Ros, Bob and Sue.

•  Following the tradition of alternating the celebrations for Christmas and the New Year, we celebrated Xmas this year in Tasmania.

In the next four sections (one for each quarter of the year), we reminisce the events of 2016 over a series of photos. Hope you like.

The Great Keppel
The Great Keppel